Rostra Accessories Releases Tailgate Camera Relocation Systems for the 2021 Ford F-150


Rostra Accessories (Aberdeen, North Carolina) announced the immediate availability of Rostra’s one-of-a-kind tailgate camera relocation systems (Part Number 250-8701-H ) for the 2021 Ford F-150 with Ford's 360-Degree Camera Package. 

“Federal guidelines, like FMVSS 111, set new standards for rear visibility and Rostra is considered the pioneer in this space and is well known for inventive and intuitive products, the tailgate camera relocation system is a perfect example of this .” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation. 

Rostra’s F-150 tailgate relocation system Includes an external housing designed to allow for the removal of the OE camera from within the F-150's tailgate and be re-installed onto a flat surface using the included mounting hardware.

Aftermarket service bodies, bed-mounted utility equipment, and even accessories like swing-out tire carriers and slide-in campers result in the removal of the truck's tailgate or removal of the entire truck bed and result in the obstruction of the factory camera to where its original use is diminished or negated.

Installers and fleet managers can now retain this innovative camera technology with one of Rostra's LVDS tailgate camera relocation kits which are offered in three varieties:
Part Number 250-8701: Combines the 250-8701-H relocation housing with a 14.5' LVDS extension harness - designed for applications where the factory wiring on the truck will not reach the desired mounting point for the relocation housing.

Part Number 250-8700: Combines the 250-8701 kit with an OE LVDS camera - designed for applications where the installer either does not have the original camera or does not wish to remove it from the tailgate for reuse.

To learn more about these tailgate camera relocation kits, or to view Rostra's analog camera relocation systems for the 2021 Ford F-150, visit Rostra online at

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