BOSS Industries discusses new products at WTW22


BOSS Industries Ford Transit Revolt Power System

The Revolt from Boss Industries builds upon the advantages of the FORD Transit platform to now produce additional power for the work truck solutions. There are no batteries or additional engines to maintain. Due to the compact design of the system, it takes up no cargo space and offers an ease of integration, operation, and flexible power. Introducing at The Work Truck Show, an air compressor package is now available in either a rotary screw or piston design! The Revolt system is putting the “Work” into the new work truck!

Bruce Bunting, VP sales and marketing, BOSS Industries stated," The Ford Transit is the leader in the commercial work truck industry. The versatile units are easily customizable, with hundreds of add-ons and options available to make the vehicles in essence rolling, portable workshops for construction contractors.

The BOSS Revolt system is a flexible power solution ideal for service trucks regardless of their vocation, as well as telecom/fiberoptics, film-set vehicles including satellite news gathering, military applications, promotional vehicles, sewer camera inspection vehicles and more. The Revolt Power System for the Ford Transit is the only power solution for the Transit market that does not rely on any additional batteries,” said Bunting.

“Boss is excited to offer a convenient, consistent alternative power source to an ever-evolving work truck market,” he says. “The feedback on the system has been nothing but outstanding, and we are excited for the future on how far we can take the Revolt into other markets as well!”

BOSS BA440 air compressor

The BOSS BA440 hydraulically driven piston air compressor has been the industry leader for over 10 years. Today we are excited to introduce the next generation of the BA440. Featuring a smaller overall foot-print, lighter and even more efficient, the new BA440 air compressor is built upon the legacy of the best single stage piston air compressor on the market today,” said Bunting.

There is no other hydraulically driven piston air compressor for the work truck industry that can match the BA440 in performance, ease of operation, maintenance access, weight, and overall size. And to top it off, our new canopy design improves cooling and makes servicing even easier!

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