Morgan Truck Body makes several announcements at WTW22


Morgan Truck Body unveiled a prototype 24-foot dry freight cargo van body during WTW22
“As Morgan Truck Body celebrates its 70th year, we are pushing forward with our goal to provide the most innovative EV solutions by working with Navistar to integrate our next-generation bodies with their electrified chassis,” says Tom Diez, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Morgan Truck Body, the largest manufacturer of medium-duty freight and refrigerated van and truck bodies in North America. “The last several years have also brought significant changes in e-commerce, middle- and last-mile delivery, and the movement of household goods. The demand for moving trucks, daily rentals and delivery box trucks has exploded as well as the demand for EV-focused fleets. Morgan is focused on customer solutions for the transition to zero-emission freight transportation.”

“Navistar is committed to a zero-emission future and is proud to collaborate with Morgan on innovative electric chassis and body solutions,” said Jason Gies, Vice President, eMobility Business Development, Navistar. “The partnership between Morgan and Navistar highlights the success of collaboration and technology integration as well as future possibilities with electric vehicle technology. This integration has led to new ideas and future product considerations that will continue to improve our customer experience and ensure successful adoption of electric vehicles as part of a holistic ecosystem solution.”

The Morgan Truck Body prototype incorporates new technologies and innovative features including:

  • Weight Reduction – Engineered to offset the added weight associated with EV chassis, Morgan is using advanced composite wall panels and lighter materials for the frame, subframe and accessories to address payload capacity concerns, all without compromising structural integrity.
  • Improved Aerodynamics – Addition of cab-mounted fairing, side skirting and wheel covers to extend operating range by reducing aerodynamic drag.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness – Cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence designed to alert drivers to possible road hazards and distracted driving behavior, 360-degree vision systems that provide both the driver and loading personnel full visibility to the surrounding environment, and interior cargo cameras to detect hazardous load shift conditions.

“Morgan is investing heavily in manufacturing capacity for mounting commercial truck bodies to an electrified chassis. Strategic locations will be upgraded with charging infrastructure, new tools and processes, as well as training to ensure we are ready for this new future,” says Corby Stover, Vice President of Engineering at Morgan Truck Body.

“In addition to our current R&D efforts, we are developing an Innovation Lab at our Morgantown Headquarters that will be dedicated to improving materials and processes for EV upfitting solutions. Morgan Truck Body is painting a new picture for the future with plans for exciting EV-centric commercial truck body technologies.”

Morgan Truck Body celebrates Its 70th anniversary by showcasing electrified truck refrigerated concept body at WTW22
Morgan Truck Body has unveiled its latest body innovations with the introduction of an electrified refrigerated concept truck body during Work Truck Week, March 8-11, 2022 in Indianapolis (Booth #4949).

“Morgan is at the forefront of our customers’ transition to an electrified refrigerated fleet,” says Tom Diez, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Morgan Truck Body. “We have been partnering and collaborating with OEMs, customers and end users to drive the innovations on the electrified truck bodies we are unveiling today.”

Mounted on a Lion Electric Lion6 chassis and utilizing a Thermo King all-electric refrigerated unit, the 24-foot truck body is constructed with state-of-the-art materials that are designed to maximize thermal efficiency and lighten the load, and includes a full complement of situational awareness sensors. Morgan Truck Body is North America’s leading producer of light- and medium-duty truck bodies that are compatible with fully electric powertrains and refrigerated units. The refrigerated unit is seamlessly integrated with Lion Electric’s vehicle systems and powered by the vehicle’s onboard batteries, which use Lion’s proprietary battery thermal management systems to maximize efficiency.

Morgan’s EV refrigerated truck body is designed with an aluminum-extruded subframe that provides significant weight reduction and composite panels that reduce weight without compromising structural integrity. The truck body is shaped to improve aerodynamics, utilizing cab-mounted fairing, side skirting and wheel covers that reduce drag and help with energy efficiency and maximize delivery range.

Advanced energy-saving features include a high-speed side curtain door improving thermal efficiency, food chain security and significant energy savings by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity barrier for electric reefer truck interiors. Interior walls are insulated with three inches of thermal-efficient polyurethane foam to maximize energy savings.

“As the leading manufacturer of truck bodies in the electrified light- and medium-duty transportation segment, Lion Electric appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Morgan Truck Body on new applications for our Lion trucks,” says Brian Piern, Chief Commercial Officer of Lion Electric. “Together, we are introducing unique features specifically adapted to end users, as well as to commercial fleets with temperature-sensitive needs, who will have the opportunity to experience the many benefits that electric trucks offer.”

The all-electric transport refrigeration unit (TRU) utilized in Morgan’s concept vehicle is Thermo King’s recently introduced e1000 unit. The e1000 will satisfy the refrigeration needs of large truck operators with the zero-emission benefits of electrification. As part of Thermo King’s evolve™ product line, the e1000 unit will provide customers with sustainable solutions with increased reliability, lower weight, and reduced noise.

“Thermo King is committed to delivering our customers a fully electrified portfolio of transportation solutions for every segment of the cold chain by 2025,” says Chris Tanaka, Vice President of Product Management, Thermo King Americas. “Partnering with respected industry leaders and technology innovators will help to further ensure that our new line of electrified products maintains the same level of quality, reliability and performance our customers expect from the Thermo King brand.”

“Our customers seek energy-efficient solutions that offset the weight added by batteries, without losing cargo capacity and delivery range, and this body addresses these challenges head on,” says Morgan Truck Body Vice President of Engineering Corby Stover. “The demand for electrification has been a catalyst for innovation. The creation of our Innovation Lab along with our existing R & D center will provide a collaborative approach for Morgan to introduce new technologies and drive the transition to electric vehicles.”

Morgan Truck Body and Masterack Unveil Full-Height Walkthrough Compact Parcel Van Body at WTW22
Morgan Truck Body, in collaboration with its JB Poindexter & Co (“JBPCO”) business unit partner Masterack, announces the latest evolution in Parcel Van Walkthrough bodies, providing an accessible full-height walkthrough in a compact body.

Mounted on a cutaway van chassis, the 16-foot parcel van body is Morgan Truck Body’s most compact parcel delivery vehicle, featuring a number of new features including:

  • Wider, taller and more ergonomic walkthrough bulkhead
  • Modular fold-away shelving system designed by Masterack
  • 28” modular Maximizer Sliding Door with custom-built shelving on the interior door pocket
  • Narrow rear-frame door opening, protecting your shelving and packages during ingress and egress
  • Encapsulated hardwood floor with anti-slip surface
  • Lightweight, thermally efficient, high-density foam core wall panels.

“Morgan is proud to collaborate with our JBPCO business unit partner Masterack to bring new and innovative solutions to commercial truck body interiors,” says Tom Diez, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Morgan Truck Body. “Our customer-driven shelving solution and new bulkhead partition in the full-height parcel van walkthrough is the perfect way to showcase JB Poindexter & Co’s ability to offer the best in commercial truck body solutions.”

“Masterack is happy to work with Morgan in our latest collaboration in the parcel van segment. Meeting the needs of the final-mile delivery segment is critical to both companies,” says Brian Barber, Vice President of Sales and Client Relations. “Incorporating the voice of the customer to deliver intelligently designed walkthrough bulkhead and shelving solutions is at the core of Masterack’s expertise and we are happy to work with our sister business unit to bring this to market.”

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