Navistar unveils the NEXT Experience Trailer and discusses telematics at WTW22


Navistar Unveils the NEXT Experience Trailer and Announces Tour Dates 

Navistar unveiled its NEXT Experience Trailer to highlight the company’s commitment to lead zero-emissions technology adoption for commercial vehicles. The NEXT Experience Trailer provides industry stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about the process and benefits of electric vehicle adoption. Navistar has planned a multi-stop tour throughout North America in 2022 with scheduled stops at more than 50 International Truck and IC Bus dealers, and select trade shows.

Navistar’s NEXT team educates and assists customers to help with the successful transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The NEXT Experience Trailer offers immersive training opportunities for dealers and fleet customers to learn more about the ZEVs, how this technology is evolving and how Navistar can make the ZEV transition successful for all.

“With Navistar’s commitment to a zero-emissions future, the NEXT Experience Trailer creates a unique learning opportunity to interact with and educate stakeholders about the process of electric vehicle adoption,” said Jason Gies, vice president, eMobility Business Development. “The trailer brings these learning opportunities on location around the U.S. and Canada, allowing our dealers the opportunity to understand how they can prepare their dealership for success to support customers, and for customers to learn more about the assessment and adoption process of electric vehicles into their fleets.”

The trailer includes six interactive zones with augmented reality, 3D-printed models, videos and interactive demonstrations to share how Navistar supports the assessment and adoption process of ZEVs. Participants walk through each zone to learn more about Navistar’s products and services, the 5 Cs of electrification, insight from Navistar engineers who create ZEVs and the lifecycle of commercial vehicle batteries. The trailer walk-through ends with an in-depth session and demonstration regarding ZEV integration.

The NEXT Experience Trailer is also outfitted to provide the following experiences for ZEVs:

  • Sales training
  • Customer meetings and events
  • Dealer and customer high voltage safety and lockout tagout training
  • Introductory sessions for dealer service technician certification Local community zero emissions and safety training
  • Driver training
  • Vehicle charger training
  • Educational programs tailored for students to learn more about Navistar’s zero-emissions future

The NEXT Experience Trailer will be on display at Booth 5601 during NTEA’s Work Truck Week 2022 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, March 7-11.

Learn more about Navistar’s commitment to zero-emissions technology and access the full NEXT Experience Trailer schedule at

Navistar enables a fully connected future by standardizing factory-installed telematics device on all Class 6-8 vehicles 

Navistar solidifies its commitment to a connected and data-driven future with the standardization of a factory-installed telematics device on all new builds of the complete Class 6-8 International Truck and IC Bus vehicle product portfolios, including electric models. This allows all stakeholders access to actionable vehicle data, enhanced capabilities with industry partners and further improved integration for upfitting capabilities with truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs).

The factory-installed and warranted telematics device broadcasts data to OnCommand Connection, Navistar’s connected services platform, which aggregates vehicle health and performance data and turns that into actionable information. OnCommand Connection has more than 30 telematics partner integrations that allow for the platform’s unique open architecture to integrate with all makes and models of vehicles on the market.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless customer experience,” said Scott Renier, VP and general manager, Connected Services and Analytics. “We first made OnCommand Connection standard on our Class 8 on-highway vehicles in 2018, providing those customers access to a full suite of connected products that help to improve uptime and lower their total cost of ownership. Extending the technology to all Class 6-8 International vehicles means we can now provide that same valuable service to all customers, regardless of fleet type or size.”

The standard OnCommand Connection service package provides customers access to the following:          

  • Over-the-air programming vehicle software updates for approved engine calibrations and performance parameter updates to improve customer uptime by keeping vehicles on the road
  • Vehicle health monitoring that can help identify issues and allow customers to take the appropriate action
  • GPS and geofencing functionality that allows for asset tracking and protection
  • Access to the International 360 service communications platform that streamlines the service scheduling process and allows customers to customize routine maintenance intervals based on vehicle usage.

The data insights gathered are viewable through the OnCommand Connection and the International 360 portal via desktop or tablet, and will be available through a mobile phone app to be released later this year. The app will make the technology more accessible to smaller customers across all market segments.

“Traditionally, people think connectivity and data analytics are only for big, over-the-road fleets,” said Mark Stasell, VP, Vocational Trucks. “That’s not the case. Navistar believes connected technologies benefit everyone. Connectivity is our future – it will drive numerous innovations near and longer term. There’s invaluable benefit to making data available to customers of all sizes and across all market segments.”

The factory-installed telematics device is covered through a nationwide warranty and includes a five-year subscription to OnCommand Connection, providing customers access to actionable data and streamlined subscription services with Navistar’s gateway integration partners. 

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