NTEA partners booth

The WTW23 NTEA Partners Booth (3400) showcases Lincoln Electric, PartnerShip/FedEx Advantage, TruckScience, WorkTruckCert and Work Truck Total Protect. Visit during exhibit hall hours to meet representatives ready to share how their wide range of services and solutions can enhance business and customer relations in the work truck industry.

Exhibit hall hours
Wednesday, March 8            9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Thursday, March 9                9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Friday, March 10                   9 a.m.–noon

Lincoln Electric – A global leader in welding products and solutions, Lincoln Electric will be demonstrating a virtual reality welding simulator at WTW23. This innovative tool provides a training environment that speeds up the welding training process while reducing overall material costs. Stop by Booth 3400 during exhibit hall hours to test your welding skills and participate in a hands-on demo.

PartnerShip/FedEx Advantage – NTEA members can ship smarter with big savings and expert freight management through the NTEA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®. This free benefit gives members access to exclusive discounts through FedEx Advantage®. PartnerShip can leverage its vast carrier network to secure competitive rates, providing access to capacity at a moment’s notice.

TruckScience – NTEA partnered with TruckScience to offer Association members a next-level solution to NTEA’s own free weight calculator. The TruckScience cloud-based Axle Weight Calculator app provides a higher level of functionality and support, with a discounted rate for members. Be sure to stop by Booth 3400 — TruckScience is offering visitors $100 off their first year’s subscription to the Axle Weight Calculator.

WorkTruckCert This cloud-based program — available free to the commercial vehicle industry — is designed to streamline the completion and printing of vehicle certification labels. The system archives vehicle records and helps companies document conformance with NHTSA-required safety standards. NTEA members receive discounted pricing on certification labels and products sold in the WorkTruckCert Shop.

Work Truck Total Protect – As the official insurance agency of NTEA, JD Fulwiler & Co Insurance developed Work Truck Total Protect to provide the industry with underwriting, risk assessment and loss prevention services. JD Fulwiler will shop among many top insurance carriers with which they do business to find your best coverage solution. You can now apply for all your insurance needs through this leading agency.