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Allison Transmission
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Allison 9-Speed Fully Automatic Transmission
Get behind the wheel of an Allison-equipped 9-Speed vehicle and experience the fully automatic difference. With nine forward ranges and three overdrive ranges, Allison’s 9-Speed is the ultimate choice for drivers. Smaller ratio steps and Allison’s patented torque converter give drivers smoother shifts, resulting in efficient startability and more control. Designed to perform in tough start-stop duty-cycles, the 9-Speed’s innovative components provide fleets with more uptime, improved fuel economy, increased performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Allison eGen Power® e-Axle
Experience the performance of an Allison eGen Power e-Axle-equipped truck. The eGen Power family of electric axles is a fully integrated solution designed to fit between the wheels of medium-duty trucks and buses. eGen Power is compatible with full battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles as well as range-extending hybrid applications. All eGen Power axle variants feature 100% regenerative torque capability to increase range, reduce brake wear and extend axle life.

All-New Allison Experience Trailer
Allison Transmission is pleased to sponsor the 2024 Work Truck Week Ride & Drive featuring our all-new Allison Experience trailer. Open to all event attendees to further discover the Power of Allison, the reimagined trailer features interactive experiences, informative graphics and a heated lounge area. Learn how Allison’s fully automatic transmissions can make a difference for fleets, how eGen Power e-Axles are bringing electrification to the commercial vehicle industry and more. Allison personnel will be on-site throughout the Ride & Drive event to answer questions.

ASA/Voyager Camera Systems
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Voyager has brought forth the next generation of commercial vehicle safety by creating an all-encompassing technological ecosystem that redefines what it means to be safe on the road. Voyager AIO allows various safety solutions to work autonomously using a proprietary CAN Bus communication protocol. It’s built for adaptability, making it the smart choice for an ever-evolving fleet and its drivers.

Different fleets have different needs. Invest only in the features you need without allocating resources to those you don’t. Voyager AIO is a scalable technology that can be designed specifically to fit the needs of any fleet of any size.

Traffic detection alerts drivers of oncoming cross-traffic and objects in or near blind spots. Alerts are based on vehicle speed, so drivers are notified on the go. Gain total visibility for fleet vehicles using Voyager cameras. View from any angle, up to and including a 360-degree image-stitched perspective of surroundings from inside the cab.

Receive live footage of the vehicle’s front and rear when shifting out of park. Sensors alert drivers of any objects in the vehicle’s path. The condition of the vehicle and its cargo is kept up to par when drivers are immediately alerted of a failed brake light, low tire pressure, an obstructed sensor and more. For more information, visit voyagercameras.com/all-in-one.

Battle Motors
Test Drive the Battle Motors EV Tractor with a CTOS Load King 402 DFP Folding Trailer. The Battle Motors City Tractor is ideal for urban and regional municipal services. The compact design and wheelbase provide excellent maneuverability and a tight turning radius. It’s also available in a yard spotter configuration, catering to specific logistic operations. It boasts a 120-mile range, high gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and fast charging capabilities while producing minimal noise and carbon emission, making it ideal for operating in noise-sensitive areas. The low cab forward design offers enhanced visibility and lower step height, increasing safety and improving driver experience.

Blue Arc/Shyft Group
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The Blue Arc™ delivery vehicle is a 100% battery-powered Class 3/4 electric commercial delivery vehicle designed for high-frequency, last-mile delivery fleets. The lightweight aluminum and composite body offer higher durability against scratches and dents. With a cargo area ranging from 14–18 feet in length and a payload capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, Shyft customers can maximize productivity and minimize cost of ownership, including fuel and maintenance costs.

Using Shyft’s proprietary Work-Driven Design® process, the Blue Arc EV is a new benchmark in delivering optimal driver ergonomics and user experience. Featuring the industry’s lowest step height and an automatic roller door, it’s easy to enter and exit for last-mile deliveries with multi-stop routes. Blue Arc electric vehicles integrate the latest in proven vehicle and driver safety technology, such as 360-degree cameras, large in-dash HD camera displays, and keyless and automated entry.

With a 50-year heritage in specialty vehicle chassis manufacturing and body building for last-mile delivery, Shyft is leveraging its coast-to-coast manufacturing and service infrastructure to deliver EV solutions at scale.

Bollinger Motors
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Bollinger Motors is a manufacturer of purpose-built electric trucks since 2015. In third-quarter 2024, the Bollinger B4 will come to market. From its proprietary frame design to carefully selected components, everything has been optimized to create this dynamic truck that can help make the transition to electrification better in every way. At Work Truck Week, learn new details about our distribution network, get important updates on our progress and reserve the B4 for your fleet. You can also test-drive a B4 and see why we’re confident it can be a game-changer for your business.

Cummins presents the B6.7N natural gas engine for the medium-duty truck markets. Rated up to 240 hp/560 pound-foot torque, the B6.7N offers a reliable, low-emissions and low-cost option for your fleet.

  • 100% natural gas engine, featuring spark-ignited stoichiometric combustion with cooled EGR and a maintenance-free Three-Way Catalyst.
  • Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) system and On-Boarding Diagnostics for optimal emission performance.
  • Fueling infrastructure in place and growing.
  • Cost-efficient and reliable performance. 
  • Incorporates Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies delivery system.

Freightliner Custom Chassis
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The all-electric MT50e Class 5 walk-in van chassis merges FCCC’s legendary performance with advanced EV technology to meet the demands of last-mile delivery by generating incredible power and range – with zero emissions. A low-maintenance design backed by the industry’s best warranty coverage and a national support network make the MT50e the perfect addition to delivery fleets. The MT50e features a GVWR of up to 23,000 pounds, a range of approximately 170 miles or more on a single charge, and a streamlined, integrated design with no reduction in cargo capacity. 

International Truck
Booth 1921
Built on the same proven foundation as our diesel International® MV Series, the International eMV Series has everything you need to get the job done and more, without the emissions. Featured in the WTW24 Ride & Drive, the eMV is a 25,999-pound non-CDL GVWR vehicle, powered by a 210-kWh main battery system that has a 12V battery enabling the rear liftgate. It also has the horsepower and torque for diesel-like performance and an interior that offers a quieter, more comfortable ride. Come meet the truck of the future. Learn more at internationaltrucks.com/trucks/emv-series.

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America
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Drive the new Isuzu NRR EV!

News of the 2025 Isuzu NRR EV was BIG at Work Truck Week 2023. This year, you’ll have a chance to experience what all the buzz was about at the Ride & Drive. Isuzu’s first battery electric truck, the 2025 NRR EV, will be on hand for you to give a spin.

With a 19,500-pound GVWR, this Class 5 EV has the visibility and maneuverability that make Isuzu a favorite, but now, it’s electric! Drivers will appreciate the smooth acceleration and other driving features like an advanced driver assistance system designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety. The new cab interior increases comfort and enhances the driving experience with steering wheel controls and a new multi-information display to easily monitor speed, regenerative braking and state of charge.  

Don’t pass up the opportunity to drive the new 2025 Isuzu NRR EV! It’s everything you want from an electric truck—and everything you expect from Isuzu.

Kenworth Truck Company
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Experience the power and performance of the Kenworth T480, a rugged Class 8 truck for all your job site needs, at the Work Truck Week Ride & Drive. Feel the enhanced efficiency and smoother shifts with the new PACCAR TX-12 Pro automated transmission. Designed for use with engines up to 1,700 pound-foot of torque and a maximum gross combination weight rating of 70,000 pounds, it’s loaded with features used around the job site like an Extreme Duty clutch for improved low-speed maneuvering, Rock Free mode to help get unstuck in mud or sand, an off-highway calibration tuned for changing soil conditions, and dual PTO openings to power what you need.

Lion Electric
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Combining power, comfort and modern technology with J-Tech’s TMA truck body, the Lion6 is an all-electric Class 6 urban truck, built in North America from the ground up with a custom-built chassis and cabin designed specifically for an all-electric heavy-duty vehicle. As a result, the Lion6 has optimized driving characteristics and component layout with no compromises from retrofitting, with just over 200 miles of range on a single charge and proprietary battery management for optimal performance in all weather conditions.  Lion Electric | The Bright Choice (thelionelectric.com)

Mack Trucks
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Get a hands-on look at the newest member of the Mack family. MD Electric builds on the proven success of the MD Series with the addition of a zero-emission battery electric powertrain. Available in Class 6 and 7 configurations, MD Electric combines medium-duty versatility with Mack’s legendary heritage of durability and toughness. The available three-battery drivetrain delivers up to 230 miles of range and peak 260 hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque for impressive power and response. Mack ElectriFi makes it easier than ever to add MD Electric to your fleet with financing options designed for ultimate flexibility to meet your needs.

Mercedes Benz USA
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Prepare to experience the all-new fully electric eSprinter. For the first time in the U.S., customers can elevate their fleet’s sustainability with a locally emission-free, battery-powered van bearing the Mercedes-Benz star. Designed with the same versatile features, load capacity and advanced technologies of its gas-powered sibling, the eSprinter is ready to be equipped as a mobile workshop or a spacious delivery van.

Mullen Automotive
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Mullen THREE is an all-electric, Class 3 low cab forward with a tight turning diameter of 38 feet and excellent visibility for superior maneuverability on narrow city streets. Even in reverse, maneuverability is a breeze with our standard backup camera and 7-inch display screen. This versatile chassis provides a clean top-of-rail for easy upfitting with bodies up to 14 feet long and over 5,300 pounds of payload. In addition, the design of the LCF chassis allows more cargo length within a given overall length.

Mullen is ready to go whenever you are with our national service network, mobile technicians and on-demand maintenance services. We offer flexible and responsive fleet maintenance solutions and our advanced telematics allow us to schedule predictive maintenance, lowering vehicle downtime. Plus, our mobile technicians can provide services like brakes, tires, lights and HVAC repairs right at your vehicles’ location.

Peterbilt Motors Company
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The Peterbilt Model 220EV zero emissions vehicle provides a clean, efficient operation and lower overall maintenance. Designed for driver comfort and productivity, Model 220EV features enhanced visibility, superior maneuverability, spacious interior and ease of serviceability for maximum uptime. It’s ideal for short-route pickup and delivery applications.

Ram Commercial
Booth 5101
Introducing the all-new Ram ProMaster EV, the pinnacle of Ram's electrification journey, setting the standard for eco-conscious delivery solutions. Revolutionizing the ProMaster lineup, this electric van debuts the all-new delivery van body style, crafted on the 159-inch WB extended with super high roof for 524 cubic feet of cargo space. Built on the ProMaster architecture but tailored for electrification, its unibody design ingeniously houses the battery pack between the frame rails, ensuring optimal space utilization. Remarkably, despite its eco-friendly nature, it maintains a best-in-class load floor height of just 21 inches, seamlessly merging sustainability with practicality for the modern delivery landscape.

Booths 3601, 3701 & 3801
Drive a top-of-the-line J-Craft, Inc. dump truck featuring a commercial prototype of advanced technology from TBEI. Truck Bodies & Equipment International (TBEI) encompasses 13 leading brands of dump bodies, end-dump trailers, landscape bodies, containers, roll-off systems, truck bodies, platforms, hoists, and truck and trailer equipment and accessories. TBEI is a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corporation. Learn more at tbei.com.

Booth 4401
The Workhorse W56 was designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle that’s ready to roll with 1,000 cubic feet of cargo room and 10,000 pounds of payload. The impressive torque of our e-axle allows drivers to get on the road and to their next stop. Enhanced driver ergonomics, especially visibility, and 150 miles of range make it easy for any driver to have an easier workday without having to worry about range. Experience the Workhorse W56 at the Work Truck Week Ride & Drive.