Switch-N-Go introduces new dealers and wireless remote


Switch-N-Go, a division of Deist Industries, Inc., (Hadley, Pennsylvania) introduced the Wireless Remote Control that is easy to install and use with Plug and Play integration and single-handed operation, even with gloves. Plus, the wireless remote is weatherproof, allowing you to operate in any climate. This compact and robust design gives you free range to walk around your truck while loading and unloading a body rather than being tethered to the truck. This allows you to ensure that there are no obstacles within the safe loading and unloading area. Currently available to integrate with our E & H-Series hoist systems, we are excited to announce that a Wireless Remote for our legacy systems has entered the testing process.

In addition to a growing fleet of work truck bodies and accessories, Switch-N-Go® is growing our dealer network. With over 100 dealers nationwide and Canada, we’d like to welcome the following Authorized Dealer from Q2:
  • Rondo Enterprises Inc. | Sycamore, Illinois

For more information, visit switchngo.com.

NTEA Member Directory listing for Switch-N-Go.

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