Ferguson collaborates with Holman and Electrada to launch groundbreaking EV program

August 3, 2022

Through a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Ferguson, Holman and Electrada announce a fleet electrification pilot. This groundbreaking effort delivers a turnkey fleet management and electrification solution.

Allied Body partners with ZEVx to repower vehicles

August 2, 2022

Allied Body Works (Seattle, Washingon) partnered with ZEVx (Gilbert, Arizona) to Repower Vehicles by providing EV vehicle conversions and post conversion warranty support throughout the greater Pacific Northwest Region.

Switch-N-Go introduces new dealers and wireless remote

July 28, 2022

Switch-N-Go, a division of Deist Industries, Inc., (Hadley, Pennsylvania) introduced the Wireless Remote Control that is easy to install and use with Plug and Play integration and single-handed operation, even with gloves.