NTEA experts at WTW24

Some of the commercial vehicle industry’s foremost economics and technical experts work for NTEA and will share their insights during the following Breakout Sessions at Work Truck Week® 2024. Green Truck Summit and Work Truck Week Conference Package registrants will have access to these sessions and dozens more. The full schedule will be available when registration opens later this month.

The Top 10 Misconceptions of Vehicle Certification
Vehicle certification involves more than putting a label on a work truck — it’s a commitment to meeting specific and consistent processes to help assure purchasers of safety, reliability and durability. Learn the basics of commercial vehicle certification, including 10 common misconceptions. In addition, find out why proper certification matters and what can go wrong during the process.
Presented by: Bob Raybuck, Director of Technical Services, NTEA; and Steve Spata, Senior Technical Assistance Director, NTEA 

Bob Raybuck has more than 30 years of engineering experience at NTEA focused on commercial vehicles, and is an expert on the technical issues and challenges facing manufacturers and distributors. In his role, he keeps abreast of all government safety standards and proposed rules, including Federal Excise Tax. Bob works with a team of NTEA engineering experts who provide solutions to members daily on body and equipment installation issues, chassis and equipment compatibility, weight distribution challenges and vehicle certification needs. He also oversees and serves as liaison to four NTEA operating divisions, and is a member of SAE International.

Steve Spata’s expertise on technical issues facing the work truck industry is the culmination of an automotive engineering career that spans more than three decades. He personally fields numerous member questions on a variety of regulations and standards, including motor vehicle safety standards, vehicle certification, emergency vehicle standards/specifications, weight distribution calculations, lighting requirements and more. In his role, Steve also monitors government agency rulemaking activities, reviews proposed legislation, and assists in development of educational materials and resources for the industry. In addition, he oversees and serves as liaison to four NTEA affiliate divisions.

Work Truck Industry Economic Overview and Market Forecast
Gain economic and market information to help optimize business planning processes. With expert analysis from NTEA and S&P Global Mobility, learn commercial vehicle industry market trends and how they’re affected by U.S. and global economic cycles. This session includes a North American chassis sales forecast — a critical component of market planning.
Presented by: Andrej Divis, Executive Director, Global Heavy Truck Research, S&P Global Mobility; and Steve Latin-Kasper, Senior Director of Market Data and Research, NTEA

Steve Latin-Kasper has provided research and analysis on work truck industry markets since joining NTEA in 1999. He delivers continually updated insights on everything from leading economic indicators for industry application markets and the U.S. economy, to OEM shipments and sales data. Since 1991, he’s taught economics at Milwaukee Area Technical College. In addition, he’s a member of National Association for Business Economics (NABE), where he’s served as Corporate Planning Roundtable chair and is a forecaster for NABE Outlook. He’s also a panel member for Bloomberg’s monthly forecast and was previously named one of Bloomberg’s top economic forecasters.