Upgraded listing descriptions

Each exhibitor at Work Truck Week 2023 receives a complimentary basic listing which includes a company description, contact information and product categories. Below are brief descriptions of these items along with additional exhibitor directory package upgrades. Please visit your exhibitor dashboard for upgraded directory listing pricing.


Contact Kyle Plymesser, exhibitor engagement manager, Map Your Show
513-527-8804 | kplymesser@mapyourshow.com


Appears in upper left corner of company profile page, should be a JPG or PNG and minimum of 100 pixels tall.

Access to Leads

Contact information accessible in exhibitor dashboard from show planner users who favorite company or any of the content on company profile.

Featured Exhibitor Listing

Additional visibility and increase in views from direct link on the homepage to all companies with this feature.

Priority Placement in Search Results

Similar to Google ad words, company appears at the top of all search results that apply. All companies that have priority placement will be listed in alphabetical order.

Highlighted Booth with Corner Peel

Booth stands out on floor plan with red corner peel in lower right corner.

Gallery with Images and Descriptions

Hi-res, over-size product images that appear in the product gallery of company profile page as well as in the overall show product gallery.

Gallery with Video

Short video (2-3 minutes in duration) of product(s). Appears in the product gallery of company profile page as well as in the overall show product gallery. Max file size is 50 MB.

Online Business Cards

Headshot, name, title, description, and social media links.  Customers and prospects can use this information to reach out to contacts directly through the platform. Any email communication comes to personal inbox.


Word or PDF document that can be classified as catalogue, brochure, press release, white paper, or case study.

Show Specials

Discounts or giveaways offered at the show.

Guest Appearances

Special appearances in booth at show.

Product Showcase

The first image or video in company profile gallery appears on the homepage of the online directory and links directly to company profile page.

Product Category

Company banner appears with guaranteed #1 listing when attendees view selected product category.

Exhibit Hall

Banner displayed on the interactive floor plan, links directly to company profile page.

Overall Directory

Banner displayed on directory home page, links directly to company profile page.

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