Attendee-focused sponsorships

Event registration package (SOLD)

  • $25,000 (exclusive sponsorship)
  • Two locations
  • Event registration package costs are for placement only
  • Sponsor responsible for all production and rigging fees
  • Two window clings allowed on right and left side in one of the registration areas; middle window must remain open
  • One floor-supported display wall allowed in the two main registration areas
  • Four-sided hanging banner allowed in center Wabash location
  • Up to two display vehicles in Capitol Avenue registration area only
  • Two banners above registration area available in Capitol Avenue entrance
  • Two graphics per column allowed in Capitol Avenue entrance (four columns available)


  • $6,000 (exclusive sponsorship)
  • Sponsorship fee includes production

On-site brochure ads

  • Back cover (four-color) – $5,150 (SOLD)
  • Inside back cover (four-color) – $4,150 (SOLD)
  • Inside front cover (four-color) – $4,150
  • Full-page ad (four-color) – $2,100