GreenPower launches new truck body business at WTW24


GreenPower Motor Company Inc. announced the launch of GP Truck Body as its new truck body entity.

“The launch of GP Truck Body signifies our commitment to customer satisfaction, consolidating our services into a seamless one-stop shop experience for buying and manufacturing,” said Brendan Riley, President of GreenPower. “By combining our business units under the GreenPower brand, we continue to provide unmatched expertise as an EV manufacturing company that possesses the level of know-how required for building truck bodies tailored specifically for electric vehicles. Our goal is to be the trusted partner our customers rely on to meet all their business requirements. With GP Truck Body now part of the GreenPower business unit, we can achieve this goal while strengthening our market influence.”

GP Truck Body offers a complete line of truck bodies including dry freight, refrigerated boxes, aluminum stakebeds, steel and aluminum flatbeds and service bodies that maximize cargo capacity and delivery range. With the launch of the company, GreenPower and its operating businesses, now cover every stage of the fleet experience. “Dealing with a single manufacturing entity will increase the ease of doing business and ultimately the overall ownership experience,” said Claus Tritt, Vice President of Medium-Duty and Commercial Vehicle Sales for GreenPower. “The customer has one place to go for its ordering, delivery and service and warranty needs.”

GreenPower’s announcement of the new truck body manufacturer has been part of its long-term vision to bring together its growing business under one corporate umbrella. GreenPower identified a growing demand among its customers for a one-stop shop that will provide tailored options for any number of body types, making the ordering process more seamless and drastically reducing the time from order to delivery to meet the customer’s business needs.

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