Ketchel Axle Systems introduces eRHINO electrified axle system at WTW24


Ketchel Axle Systems introduced the eRHINO electrified axle system, a cutting-edge electrified axle system. 

The eRHINO electrified axle system combines power, efficiency, and modularity across class 3-8 vehicles, redefining and simplifying fleet repower and new production.

Integrated Electric Powertrain: The eRHINO system seamlessly integrates an electric motor, inverter, and thermal management system into a traditional axle location. This compact design ensures optimal performance while minimizing engineering changes for OEMs.

Legacy and Future Chassis Compatibility: OEMs can upfit existing and future chassis with eRHINO , reducing time to market for electrified work trucks.

Production of the eRHINO axle system commences 2025.

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