Lincoln Electric launches Velion DC Fast Charger and Ranger® Air 260MPX at WTW24


Lincoln Electric Launches Ranger® Air 260MPX™ Multi-Function Engine Drive
Lincoln Electric introduces the all-new Ranger® Air 260MPX™ multifunction engine drive. This machine was designed specifically for the work truck industry, where the unexpected can be expected on any given day. Available later this year, this high-performance, versatile machine is designed to prepare operators for whatever unpredictable circumstances and job demands come their way.

The Ranger Air 260MPX is many things: an air compressor, generator, battery charger, battery jump assist and multi-process welder all in one. This versatile, compact machine eliminates the need to carry numerous pieces of power equipment on a service truck. The result is a lighter payload and more space on the truck for other tools and gear.

Compared to other machines in its class, the Ranger Air 260MPX engine drive delivers industry-leading performance across the board, in air compressor capabilities, clean auxiliary power and welding arc performance:

  • The Vanair® compressor delivers 40 cfm at 150 psi. With up to 30% more air than other machines in its class, operators are able to inflate tires faster and power anything up to a 1-inch impact wrench. The compressor is backed by Vanair’s lifetime warranty and a half-century of engineering expertise in mobile compressors.
  • The 26.5-hp Kohler® Electronic Throttle Body Engine delivers 10 kW of continuous AC generator power to accommodate a variety of tools and equipment. And with less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD), it can even power sensitive electronics, like laptops.
  • Lincoln Electric’s field-proven welding arc control technology is built directly into the Ranger Air 260MPX to help deliver a stable reliable arc. These include Ready.Set.Weld® technology and ArcFX® technology. In addition to delivering a consistently high level of performance, the Ranger Air 260MPX is also designed to help provide a lower cost of ownership. Auto-stop/start technology with tap-to-start functionality enables the operator to save up to $1200 in fuel and maintenance costs per year*. An electronic throttle body engine with variable engine speed helps lower maintenance costs and improve fuel efficiency. In the work truck industry, no two jobsites are the same, but every jobsite is demanding. Be ready to tackle anything with the Ranger Air 260MPX multi-function engine drive from Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Electric Launches Velion™ DC Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles
Lincoln Electric introduces the Velion™ DC Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles, a Level 3 DC fast charger platform that delivers fast charging speeds with unparalleled reliability for the ultimate performance and uptime. Designed with industrialgrade components, the Velion™ leverages Lincoln Electric’s more than a century of experience designing, testing and building high-quality industrial equipment that has stood the test of time, including 50+ years of experience manufacturing rugged, reliable electric power conversion systems for a wide range of harsh outdoor operating environments.

“The Velion™ is designed to meet the stringent needs of Charge Point Operators (CPOs) who install, operate and manage networks of charging stations as well as businesses with EV fleets requiring reliable, fast charging,” said Steven Sumner, Vice President, Corporate Innovation, Lincoln Electric. “Our DCFC charger is also the first and only American-designed and American-made EV charger to not only meet, but exceed, the requirements of the federal government’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI).

”The inaugural 150kW Velion™ DC fast charger exceeds 75% domestic content and is engineered to exceed 97% uptime with an output of up to 1000V/150A and 500V/300A, with charging efficiency of 95%. It operates within the temperature range of -31° F to 122° F (-35° C to 50° C) delivering reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions. It is backed by Lincoln Electric’s multi-point service network across the United States.

Velion™ highlights: 

  • Charging Type – DC Fast Charging • DC Output Voltage – 200-1000V DC
  • DC Output Current – Up to 150A
  • DC Output Power – Up to 150kW
  • Input Voltage – 460VAC +/- 10% (60Hz), 3-Phase, Protective Earth (UL Model)

Customers who choose the Velion™ DCFC charger will benefit from Lincoln Electric’s vertically integrated manufacturing of tens of thousands of inverter systems per year; complete customization of pedestal design, suitable for dual branding or custom designs; service network of factory trained repair technicians at locations across the United States; and scalable production capacity able to meet the needs of the expanding U.S. EV market.

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