Morgan Olson, EAVX celebrate development milestone in next-generation PROXIMA step van with FCCC


During WTW24, Morgan Olson discussed another innovation milestone in developing the next-generation walk-in step van: Proxima. This version of Proxima has evolved with a new, radically streamlined body design by EAVX, Morgan Olson’s sister company, as well as a business unit and the innovation hub for J.B. Poindexter & Co (JBPCO).

The next-generation step van Proxima features a number of innovative body design highlights from Morgan Olson, including:

  • Design scalability from Class 2b through Class 5 GVWRs
  • Purpose-built custom upfits
  • Streamlined, cost-effective integration into mixed-power fleets with platform readiness for both internal combustion and all-electric chassis
  • Utilization of lightweight, high-quality materials to lower electrical energy draw and increase EV operational range and ICE fuel economy
  • Digital integration with VX Control technology from EAVX adding connectivity, command and control capabilities
  • Vocation-specific cargo configurations as shown at NTEA by sister business unit Masterack

Inside the cab and throughout the vehicle, Proxima features new, integrated technology options that are designed to enhance driver ergonomics, safety, and efficiency – starting with its award-winning VX Control system. VX Control enables fleets to connect, configure and command a vehicle’s full digital vehicle infrastructure by unifying body and cab electronics and wiring into a single, intelligent system - no matter the chassis or powertrain.

In addition, Morgan Olson’s Proxima includes an impressive number of driver-assistance and safety technologies from EAVX, including:

  • Microclimate seat for driver comfort and enhanced control of cab heating and cooling at reduced energy
  • A holistic climate control system with an intelligent HVAC system
  • Heated windshield to improve visibility and reduce battery energy draw
  • 360-degree camera and blind-spot monitoring for full-vehicle visibility
  • Single, high-visibility display and user-friendly integrated touch screen for streamlined command and control of vehicle technology
  • Ambient informational light display near the windshield and in the driver’s forward view to serve as an at-a-glance operator warning and operator support system
  • VX Control technology integrated with smart sensors providing real-time parking, lane and obstacle detection, significantly reducing the risk of incidents

“Proxima embodies a holistic and forward-thinking approach to the future of commercial vehicles, promoting sustainability, safety, and operational excellence,” said Mark Hope, President of EAVX. “The next-generation walk-in step van demonstrates how we continue to enhance its design and features and why it’s such a game-changer in the industry, offering a comprehensive package tailored for fleets aiming for optimal performance and innovation.

Morgan Olson’s President/CEO Mike Ownbey shares, “It’s an exciting time for Morgan Olson, EAVX and Freightliner Custom Chassis to collaborate on this newest version of Proxima, especially as we prepare to deploy the first units for customer evaluation and testing in late 2024 or early 2025. Morgan Olson’s commitment to innovation was recently validated by winning back-to-back ‘Innovation of the Year’ awards presented by the NTEA. I also want to share my appreciation and gratitude to our customers for sharing their valuable fleet insights during the development of this newly designed Proxima vehicle."

The EV and ICE versions of Proxima introduced at Work Truck Week are riding on Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) products. The EV version is powered by FCCC’s MT50e all-electric chassis, which offers a range of up to 180 miles or more on a single charge, engine power of up to 226 kWh / 303 HP, a full battery charge in 3 hours, and is already in everyday use in fleets throughout North America.

FCCC’s MTG 6.6L gas chassis powers the ICE version and features direct fuel-injection technology and state-of-the-art Allison six-speed transmission.

“As long-time partners with Morgan Olson, we are thrilled to work with them and the EAVX team on the new Proxima,” said Jeff Sather, President and CEO of FCCC. “Regardless of fuel or power source, FCCC is dedicated to providing our partners and customers with high-quality, durable chassis that are customized for their unique demands and challenges.”

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