REE Automotive and Knapheide debut full vehicle solution at WTW24


REE Automotive Ltd announced its first demo P7-C fully by-wire chassis cab has arrived in the U.S. and has completed its upfitting at Knapheide in Quincy, Illinois. Knapheide upfitted the P7-C with its KUV body, known to create optimized organization for the technician by dividing the storage space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from either side of the body. By working together, REE and Knapheide will allow fleets the flexibility they need when selecting a body for their fully by-wire electric vehicles.

“With REE’s first of its kind fully by-wire vehicle technology and Knapheide’s proven excellence with work truck bodies, we believe that REE and Knapheide will be able to provide the right body and equipment solutions for vocational fleets across North America,” said Tali Miller, Chief Business Officer of REE Automotive. “Once upfitted, vocational fleets will be able to experience and drive REE vehicles on their routes and use it in their everyday activities. This is where we believe REE vehicles will really shine.”

“As the most popular choice in North America for work truck bodies, we are happy to work with REE and its Authorized Dealer Network to put our world class bodies on their fully-flat, full by-wire chassis,” said Chris Weiss, Vice President of Engineering for Knapheide. “We are committed to making the upfit process seamless for fleet owners and providing them with a tailored experience that will result in a customized vehicle solution they’re excited to drive.”

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