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Allison Transmission
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Allison 9-Speed Fully Automatic Transmission
Get behind the wheel of an Allison-equipped 9-Speed vehicle and experience the fully automatic difference. With nine forward ranges and three overdrive ranges, Allison’s 9-Speed is the ultimate choice for driver control, fuel economy and performance. With smaller ratio steps and Allison’s patented torque converter, drivers will experience smoother shifts, resulting in efficient startability and an improved experience. Designed to perform in tough start-stop duty-cycles, the 9-Speed’s innovative components give fleets more uptime, improved fuel economy, increased performance and reduced maintenance costs.

 Allison Experience Show Trailer
Allison Transmission is pleased to sponsor the 2023 Work Truck Week Ride & Drive. In addition to two Allison propulsion solution-equipped vehicles available to drive, our Allison Experience Show Trailer will be open to all event attendees to further experience the Power of Allison. Discover how Allison fully automatic transmissions can make the difference for your fleet and how Allison’s new eGen Power® e-Axles are bringing electrification to the commercial vehicle industry with an immersive interactive experience. Allison personnel will be available in the Show Trailer throughout the Ride & Drive to answer questions.

ASA/Voyager Camera Systems

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Voyager AIO is the genesis of a safer trucking universe. Voyager has brought forth the next generation of commercial vehicle safety by creating an all-encompassing technological ecosystem that redefines what it means to be safe on the road.

To be safe is to be aware, and nobody knows this better than Voyager. Voyager AIO allows various safety solutions to work autonomously using a proprietary CAN Bus communication protocol. Voyager AIO is built for adaptability, making it the smart choice for an ever-evolving fleet and its drivers.

Different fleets have different needs. Invest only in the features you need without allocating resources to those you don’t. Voyager AIO is a scalable technology that can be designed specifically to fit the needs of any fleet of any size.

  • Traffic detection alerts drivers of oncoming cross-traffic and objects in or near blind spots. Alerts are based on vehicle speed so that drivers are notified on the go.
  • Gain total visibility for fleet vehicles using Voyager cameras. View from any angle, up to and including a 360° image-stitched perspective of surroundings from inside the cab.
  • Receive live footage of the vehicle’s front and rear when shifting out of park. Sensors alert drivers of any objects in the vehicle’s path.
  • The condition of the vehicle and its cargo is kept up to par when drivers are immediately alerted of a failed brake light, low tire pressure, an obstructed sensor and more.

Voyager is a pioneer of commercial vehicle observation and safety. We strive to develop products that don’t just meet our customers’ expectations but exceed them, offering them more options than they’ve ever imagined. Voyager AIO is no different. For more information, visit voyagercameras.com/all-in-one.

Blue Arc | A Shyft Group Brand

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Blue Arc All Electric Delivery Vehicle
The Blue Arc delivery vehicle is a 100% battery-powered Class 3 electric commercial delivery vehicle designed for high-frequency, last-mile delivery fleets. A spacious cargo area features 635–800 cubic feet of storage and offers a choice of vocational packages specifically designed for functionality. The lightweight aluminum and composite body offer higher durability against scratches and dents. With a cargo area ranging from 14–18 feet in length and a payload capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, Shyft customers can maximize productivity and minimize cost of ownership, including fuel and maintenance costs. Class 4 and 5 vehicles are also part of the Blue Arc EV portfolio.

Using Shyft’s proprietary Work-Driven Design® process, the Blue Arc EV is a new benchmark in delivering optimal driver ergonomics and user experience. Featuring the industry’s lowest step height and an automatic roller door, it’s easy to enter and exit for last-mile deliveries with multi-stop routes. Blue Arc electric vehicles integrate the latest in proven vehicle and driver safety technology such as 360 degree cameras, large in-dash HD camera displays, lane departure and proximity sensors, and keyless and automated entry.

With a 50-year heritage in specialty vehicle chassis manufacturing and body building for last-mile delivery, Shyft is leveraging its coast-to-coast manufacturing and service infrastructure to deliver EV solutions at scale.

Learn more at Blue Arc EV.

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BrightDrop Zevo 600
The all-new Zevo 600 is made with lightweight materials and purpose-built to streamline delivery of goods and services that generate long-term operating efficiencies. And an available GVWR under 10,000 pounds limits the need for additional licensing to operate. Learn more at gobrightdrop.com/products/brightdrop-zevo.


Freightliner Custom Chassis
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The all-electric MT50e Class 5–6 walk-in van chassis merges Freightliner Custom Chassis’ legendary performance with advanced EV technology to meet the demands of last-mile delivery by generating incredible power and range – with zero emissions. A low-maintenance design backed by the industry’s best warranty coverage and a national support network make the MT50e the perfect answer for a practical, all-electric alternative to gas-powered delivery fleet vehicles.

Powered by an exclusive battery system from Proterra, the MT50e features a GVWR of up to 23,000 pounds, a range of approximately 170 miles or more on a single charge, and a streamlined, integrated design with no reduction in cargo capacity. Backed by the industry’s best warranty and largest national service network and 50-state EPA and CARB certified, additional features and highlights of the MT50e include vehicle onboard energy of 226 kWh/303 horsepower; full battery charge in approximately three hours; eight-year standard warranty; 50-degree wheel cut for tighter turn radius and unmatched maneuverability; traction and stability control; and nationwide access to the Detroit eFill charging network.

The MT50e also optimizes driver safety and ease of operation through its standard OptiView fully integrated all-digital gauge display and DriveTech driver controls. DriveTech puts every command in one easy-to-reach location, while OptiView provides real-time efficiency feedback and state-of-the-art tools like 360-degree cameras and clear navigation.

For more information, visit electricwalkinvan.com

GreenPower Motor Company
GreenPower Motor Company is an automotive OEM that specializes in MHD commercial electric delivery trucks and mobility vehicles. We design purpose-built electric vehicles for vocational uses, last-mile delivery and transportation of people. GreenPower’s EV Star Cargo is a Class 4 vehicle with a GVWR of 14,330 pounds, 170-inch wheelbase and supreme carrying capacity of 6,000+ pounds, and up to 566 cubic feet. Our products achieve a base range of 150 miles with a battery capacity of 118 kWh. Choose from two body lengths at 22.5 and 25 feet. The interior roof height allows for easy standing at up to 6.1 feet tall. Standard charging accommodates both overnight and opportunity-charging, ensuring any distance over 150 miles can easily be met. The charging power available includes AC level-2 at 11 kW for overnight charging, and DC fast charging at up to 61 kW.  Beyond our Cargo van, our EV Star full-line offers a Box Truck, Cab Chassis and Cut Away — all with the same MD specifications. Come test-drive our EV Star Cargo Van at WTW23 to find the right EV Star that is best for your job. 

International Truck
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Built on the same proven foundation as our diesel International® MV™ Series, the International eMV™ Series has everything you need to get the job done and more, without the emissions. Featured in the WTW23 Ride & Drive, the eMV607 Rugby Contractor dump is a 33,000-pound GVWR vehicle, powered by a 210 kWh main battery system which has a 12-volt battery enabling the hydraulics to lift the dump. It also has the horsepower and torque for diesel-like performance, an interior that offers a quieter, more comfortable ride, a state-of-the-art digital display of information you need to keep your truck on the road, and not to mention, less maintenance costs compared to an internal combustion engine.  Come meet the truck of the future. The International eMV Series. Electric built just right.


Isuzu Commercial Truck of America
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Drive the new Isuzu Class 5 gas-powered NRR!
Are you looking for Class 5 capability with the power and convenience of a gas powertrain? Look no further! New for model year 2024, Isuzu will offer the new Class 5 gas-powered NQR (17,950 pounds GVWR) and NRR (19,500 pounds GVWR).  Both will be available in a standard (three-passenger) and crew cab (seven-passenger) configuration. The standard cab is available in three wheelbases (132.5, 150, and 176 inches) to accommodate body lengths from 14–20 feet. The crew cab is available in two wheelbases (150 and 176 inches) to accommodate body lengths from 12–16 feet.

While that is a lot of versatility to build your next work truck, drivers will love the powertrain. The 6.6-liter V8 produces 350-horsepower and 425-pound-foot of torque. An automatic 6-speed Allison 1000-series transmission transfers that power to the pavement – quickly and efficiently. The great throttle response coupled with the smooth shifting and fuel-efficient technology in the engine and transmission programming make this Isuzu an immediate hit. The 200,000-mile design life of the engine and robust Isuzu warranty also assures its durability and low cost of ownership.

Production is slated to start in spring 2023 in Charlotte, Michigan. Isuzu dealers are taking orders now.

Kenworth Truck Company
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Kenworth invites you to drive the T280, a Class 6 truck from our all-new medium-duty lineup. We designed our newest Medium Duty Vehicles to have best-in-class quality, ergonomics, ingress/egress, maneuverability, visibility, bumper to back of cab and operational flexibility, so your total cost of ownership works for you, not against you. Drivers will enjoy a fresh look and feel that includes updated styling, new interior, 7-inch HD digital display, smart wheel, ADAS technology, automatic climate control and many other exciting features and driver amenities. Efficiencies gained from technological advances will contribute to your bottom line. See firsthand how advanced driver assistance systems are seamlessly integrated into the driver experience. Feel how optimized driver ergonomics and visibility, vehicle ingress and egress, and ease of operation will afford driver retention and safety. The T280 comes standard with the smooth PACCAR TX-8 transmission for enhanced drivability and economy. Kenworth TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics also allows your performance to be monitored 24/7. Maximized vehicle maneuverability and a flexible vehicle platform make Kenworth medium-duty vehicles an excellent choice for optimizing performance. Come experience the Driver’s Truck.

Lightning eMotors
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The Lightning ZEV3 Transit cargo van is equipped with a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain that delivers the best efficiency of any vehicle in its weight class, while providing a quiet, smooth and familiar driving experience. Operated by major parcel carriers, hospital systems and others across North America, the cargo van is reliable and efficient.

Available in battery-electric versions offering 140-mile and 200-mile ranges, this van provides practical, reliable service while producing zero emissions on the road. Charging is simple and quick, with both Level 2 AC charging and DC Fast Charge supported.

We use the highest-quality components available, including thermally-managed batteries which deliver the best range, efficiency and lifetime of any batteries in the market. The batteries are fully under the floor, so your cargo space isn’t compromised.

  • Battery-electric vehicle
  • Smooth, quick and quiet
  • Engineered and built in the USA
  • Class-leading efficiency
  • Elegant cabin integration with batteries fully under the floor
  • CARB certified and HVIP eligible

Lightning Insights provides understanding of usage and efficiency

Lion Electric
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The Lion6 is an all-electric Class 6 urban truck, built in North America from the ground up with a custom-built chassis and cabin designed specifically for an all-electric heavy-duty vehicle. As a result, the Lion6 has optimized driving characteristics and component layout with no compromises from retrofitting, with just over 200 miles of range on a single charge and proprietary battery management for optimal performance in all weather conditions.

Lion Electric is a North American leader in the zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry, having delivered over 800 all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in North America with over 10 million miles driven since 2016. Lion works directly with fleet operators every step of the way in their journey to electrification, including charging infrastructure design and installation, energy management, service and training and grant opportunities.  Lion Electric | The Bright Choice (thelionelectric.com)

Peterbilt Motors Company
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Peterbilt Model 220EV Zero Emissions Vehicle
The 220EV provides a clean, efficient operation and lower overall maintenance. Designed for driver comfort and productivity, the Model 220EV features enhanced visibility, superior maneuverability, a spacious interior and ease of serviceability for maximum uptime. It’s ideal for short-route pickup and delivery applications.

SEA Electric
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Since its founding in 2012, SEA Electric has successfully deployed vehicles with our SEA-Drive systems across eight countries and has collectively achieved more than two million miles of service via independent OEM testing and real-world operation.

A Class 5 model powered by the proven SEA-Drive® 120a power-system, which is specified for truck platforms with a GVWR of 16,001–19,500 pounds is available for ride-and-drive in this event.

Featuring a 1,106 pound-foot electric motor partnered with a 138-kWh battery pack, this Class 5 truck provides market-leading all-electric performance.

The SEA-Drive® power-system offers world-class total cost of ownership possibilities, with a typical break-even period of less than four years, without grants or subsidies.

The SEA-Drive® power-system is highly flexible to a wide assortment of final uses, with all ancillary functions capable of being powered by SEA Electric’s e-PTO.

From complex hydraulic systems to refrigeration packs, standard power outlets and beyond, the possibilities for the SEA-Drive® power system are open to your imagination!

From dry or refrigerated freight to refuse trucks, tipper trucks, municipal work trucks, tilt tray trucks, cherry picker applications and more, SEA Electric provides the performance to get any job done.

VIA Motors
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Take a ride with VIA Motors!

VIA Motors is a full-scale OEM producing cost-effective and sustainable electric work trucks to transform your fleet to electric drive.

Available in Classes 2–5, VIA’s all-electric VTRUX work trucks can be tailored to your fleet needs and fitted with the body style you want.

You deserve a functional, reliable and durable electric work truck. Test drive a VTRUX by VIA and see how VIA can help electrify your fleet.

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The Workhorse W750 is a perfect balance of payload and volume; accessibility and utility. The blend of cab-style truck and step-through van makes this the best tool for the widest variety of applications. Access to the 750 cubic foot cargo space from the front step-through or the large roll-up rear door are useful for not only parcel delivery applications but also for trades and materials distribution. And 5,000 pounds of payload allows you to carry 500 10-pound packages or over 90 sheets of drywall!

The 118-kW battery pack in the W750 provides 150 miles of range, almost three times the distance of the average delivery route. Capable of Level 3 charging for fast opportunity charges, it can also charge overnight with a Level 2 charger.

Drive it at Work Truck Week 2023 and experience for yourself why the Workhorse W750 is the flexible solution for so many use cases.

Booth N10
ZEVX is an Arizona-based company with deep engineering roots that strives to be a worldwide leader in electrification for light- and medium-duty fleet vehicles (primarily Classes 2–4). ZEVX’s proprietary powertrain (batteries and drive motor) configuration and rapid conversion turnaround of existing fleet vehicles will accelerate EV adoption globally and provide customers the support infrastructure, fleet services and knowledge they need to transform fleet operations to meet sustainability goals. ZEVX’s primary mission is to enable EV participation across the existing automotive and mobility ecosystem and support fleets through their electrification journey while scaling through democratized partnerships and making the dream of EV accessible to all.

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