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Allison Transmission
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Allison Show Trailer
Allison Transmission is pleased to sponsor the 2022 Work Truck Week Ride & Drive. In addition to displaying two Allison-equipped vehicles, our Allison Transmission Show Trailer will be open to all event attendees. This trailer features several cutaway transmissions, including a 2000 Series™, 3000 Series™ and 4000 Series™, as well as multiple interactive experiences. Our interactive touchscreen display highlights information on new Allison products, including eGen Power™ and the 9-speed transmission. Allison Transmission personnel will be available in the Show Trailer throughout WTW22 to answer questions.

Allison 9-speed transmission
The Allison medium-duty fully automatic 9-speed transmission provides significant fuel savings as new ranges in the gear train allow the engine to operate at more efficient fuel map regions, while also enabling the torque converter to lock up at lower speeds — providing the best combination of performance and fuel economy. Additionally, the 9-speed offers an optional integral engine stop-start system that provides immediate transmission engagement and vehicle hold while the engine is restarted. Built to fit existing OEM interfaces and a variety of applications, the 9-speed model is ideal for urban and regional distribution trucks, light construction, defense, rental and lease trucks, and more.

Allison 3414 RHS transmission
Built on years of reliable performance and customer-inspired innovation, the 3414 RHS helps you do more than deliver — you’ll deliver confidently.

  • Includes exclusive features like xFE and FuelSense ® 2.0 with DynActive™ Shifting.
  • From regional haul to final mile, the Allison 3414 RHS gets you there faster – Increased horsepower and a lighter build translates into more stops, more loads and more productivity, especially in frequent start-stop duty cycles.
  • 11% lighter – Lightest transmission in the segment.
  • Diesel and CNG compatible – Maintain the fuel your fleet prefers.
  • Industry-leading warranty – 5-year/750,000-mile warranty, including towing.
  • Ease of operation – Automatic transmissions reduce driver fatigue and increase comfort.
  • Maximize safety – Optimized maneuverability, smooth reverse shifts and fully automatic operation keep the driver’s focus on the road.
  • More uptime – Allison’s proven reliability and the elimination of AMT clutch replacements keeps your fleet on the road.
  • Power multiplied – Allison’s patented torque converter eliminates power-interrupted shifts, smooths operation and reduces wear on the powertrain.

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Lower Your Costs, Lower Your Emissions. The BrightDrop EV600 helps to reduce the cost of ownership while leveraging durable, lightweight materials. Powered by the Ultium battery platform, this van will be able to go the distance you need while maximizing room for cargo.

Clean Fuels Alliance America
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Featuring a Navistar HV507 dump truck powered by a Cummins 8.9L diesel engine and equipped with Optimus Technologies’ Vector System, an advanced fuel system technology that enables diesel engines to operate on 100% biodiesel. The Vector System integrates into existing operations to facilitate a seamless transition to low-carbon fuels. Using biodiesel instead of petroleum-based fuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%.

Derive Systems
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The Derive experience puts you in the driver's seat. Join us to learn how our industry-proven vehicle software reduces your CO2 emissions, fuel costs, vehicle wear & tear and places the responsibility on the vehicle rather than your driver.

Our VQ-Efficiency fuel efficiency software reduces fuel consumption by lowering your vehicle's standard idle RPM and making eco-adjustments that don't sacrifice performance. The result is an average savings of 6–10% on fuel bills, with a simple 30-minute installation per vehicle providing ROI in the first month. Achieve a more efficient, sustainable, and safe vehicle fleet with speed limiters. By leveraging our software, we allow fleet managers to proactively protect their drivers and assets while limiting the company's risk exposure.

Derive is committed to dramatically reducing fleet vehicles' fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We use proven fuel efficiency software to customize the vehicles in your fleet to make them work in the most effective way possible. And while our technology improves fuel efficiency, it also improves driver safety and enhances traditional telematics technology.

Updating your vehicle software to automate savings has never been easier, and there's no better time to impact the vehicles you operate today for a cleaner tomorrow.

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies
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We invite you to come drive our new Endurant XD series automated transmission. This family of purpose-built, high-performance, automated transmissions combines the efficiency, light weight and sophisticated controls of the Endurant platform with the legacy of reliability and toughness from Eaton’s 13- and 18-speed transmissions. The Endurant XD series represents a new level of precision, control and durability that will change the way you think about automated transmissions.

The Endurant XD series is versatile enough to give professional drivers the tailored configurations they need to get the job done right — at any level of experience. It features our legendary twin-countershaft design but now has efficient helical gears and a Precision Lubrication system that delivers up to 2% better fuel economy than a comparable UltraShift PLUS® model. A new 20.5 to 1 overall ratio with small, even steps delivers smooth shifts and excellent performance in all driving conditions. A new input shaft-driven PTO system features a high-capacity 8-bolt bottom mount and 4-bolt rear mount. And new Performance Goals combine transmission shift points and clutch calibrations with unique software that allow operators to easily tailor transmission performance to the demands of the job. Learn more at eatoncummins.com.

Electric Last Mile Solutions
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Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) is focused on defining a new era in which commercial vehicles run clean as connected and customized solutions that make our customers’ businesses more efficient and profitable. ELMS’ first vehicle, the Urban Delivery, is the first Class 1 commercial electric vehicle in the U.S. market. The company expects to begin production of its second vehicle, the Class 3 Urban Utility EV, in the second half of 2022. ELMS is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. For more information, visit electriclastmile.com.

Freightliner Custom Chassis
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The all-new, all-electric MT50e Class 5 walk-in van chassis merges Freightliner Custom Chassis’ legendary performance with advanced EV technology to meet the demands of last-mile delivery by generating incredible power and range — with zero emissions. A low-maintenance design backed by the industry’s best warranty coverage and a national support network make MT50e the perfect answer for a practical, all-electric alternative to gas-powered delivery fleet vehicles.

MT50e’s range of 170 miles on a single charge and gross vehicle weight rating of 19,000 pounds provide a comparable product to the existing, industry-leading MT products from FCCC. MT50e features engine power of up to 226 kWh=303 HP, a full battery charge in three hours, and a single-piece steel frame maximizing heavy-duty load capacity. With M5T0e, you can expect to spend up to 50% less in energy costs than diesel, as well as 60% less powertrain service than traditional platforms. MT50e is designed and built to the same body dimensions as the gas and diesel MT, which allows existing bodies to be utilized with little change and easy integration into existing fleets.

MT50e is optimized for driver safety and ease of operation through its standard OptiView, a fully integrated all-digital gauge display, and DriveTech driver controls. In addition, MT50e features a 50-degree wheel cut for tighter turn radius and maneuverability, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and nationwide access to the Detroit eFill charging network. Learn more about everything MT50e has to offer at electricwalkinvan.com

The MTG (Gasoline) is the new 6.6-liter gasoline-powered version of the MT walk-in van chassis from Freightliner Custom Chassis. Powered by a new 6.6L V8 engine featuring increased power and torque, improved fuel economy and increased durability, the all-new MTG also offers industry-first direct-injection technology, further solidifying its role as the foundation of almost any fleet. With 308 horsepower, 465 pound-foot of torque and a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 23,000 pounds, the MTG offers numerous advantages over comparable gas products on the market, including a 50-degree wheel cut for tighter turn radius and maneuverability, and commercial-grade quality and durability across a number of key components.

The MTG is optimized for driver safety and ease of operation through its standard OptiView, a fully integrated all-digital gauge display, and DriveTech driver controls. The most advanced display and control system in the work truck industry, DriveTech is the first driving system to prioritize safety by putting every command in one easy-to-reach location. The all-new ergonomic steering wheel and column-mounted controls are paired with OptiView’s all-digital gauge display to create a more automotive-like feel and set the industry standard for driver safety and overall experience. Add in exclusive access to the largest, most comprehensive service network in the industry — with 450-plus Freightliner-branded service locations throughout North America — and it’s easy to see why the MTG makes an ideal and important addition to almost any fleet.

GreenPower Motor Company
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Specializing in manufacturing purpose-built, all-electric vehicles, GreenPower Motor Company invites you to test drive the EV Star Cargo. Our Class 4 vehicle designed for last-mile delivery solutions has a 14,330-pound gross vehicle weight rating and carrying capacity of 5,000+ pounds. Available in two body lengths, 22.5 and 25 feet, EV Star Cargo’s interior provides 6 feet of standing room and up to 566 cubic feet of cargo space. With a battery capacity of 118 kWh, it has a base range of 150 miles and supports both AC Level 2 overnight-charging and DC fast-charging. Beyond EV Star Cargo, our full EV Star line offers a Box Truck and Cab Chassis, all with the same battery and charging specifications. Come test drive our EV Star Cargo and feel the GreenPower difference!

International Truck
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Built on the same proven foundation as the diesel International® MVSeries, the new International eMV Series brings even more to the table, thanks to an electric powertrain. With new capabilities, new savings and, most importantly, new opportunities, the eMV provides customers an eMobility solution for every stage of their vehicle’s life cycle. It comes packed with thoughtful design that can be seen in its sloped hood and breakaway mirrors, built-in corrosion protection, a huck bolted frame ladder, chassis braking including anti-lock brake system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), automatic traction control (ATC) as well as numerous straight rail upfit possibilities. Key enhancements include vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-building (V2B) with a DC charger, and three degrees of regenerative braking standard. Easy to use, comfortable to operate and offering iron-clad dependability, the new eMV Series is a groundbreaking solution with real-world usability. It’s the electric truck – done just right.

Kenworth Truck Company
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Kenworth invites you to come drive the Class 6 T280 from our all-new medium-duty lineup. The newly designed T280 highlights Kenworth's excellent medium-duty platform and features. Drivers will enjoy a fresh look and feel that includes updated styling, new interior, new displays and technology, and many other exciting features and driver amenities. Efficiencies gained from technological advances will contribute to your bottom line. See firsthand how advanced driver assist systems are seamlessly integrated into the driver experience. Feel how the optimized driver ergonomics and visibility, vehicle ingress and egress, and ease of operation will afford driver retention and safety. The T280 comes standard with the robust PACCAR TX-8 transmission for enhanced efficiency and is available with excellent features such as Allison series transmissions or Kenworth TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics which allows your performance to be monitored 24/7. Maximized vehicle maneuverability and a flexible platform make Kenworth medium-duty vehicles an excellent choice for optimizing performance. 

Lightning eMotors
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The Lightning Electric Transit passenger van is equipped with a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain that delivers the best efficiency of any vehicle in its weight class while providing a quiet, smooth and familiar driving experience that drivers — and passengers — will love. In use with fleets across North America for micro-transit and shuttle services, the passenger van is reliable and efficient. Available in battery-electric versions offering 140- and 170-mile ranges, this van provides practical, reliable service while producing zero emissions on the road. Charging is simple and quick, with both Level 2 AC charging and DC Fast Charge supported.

We use the highest-quality components available, including thermally-managed batteries which deliver the best range, efficiency and lifetime of any batteries in the market.

  • Battery-electric vehicle
  • Smooth, quick and quiet
  • Engineered and built in the U.S.
  • Class-leading efficiency
  • Elegant cabin integration with batteries fully under the floor
  • CARB certified and HVIP eligible
  • Lightning Analytics gives insight into usage and efficiency
  • Available New or Repower

The Lion Electric Co.
Booth 2625
The Lion6 is an all-electric Class 6 urban truck, built in North America from the ground up with a custom-built chassis and cabin designed specifically for an all-electric heavy-duty vehicle. As a result, the Lion6 offers optimized driving characteristic and component layout with no compromises from retrofitting, with up to 200 miles of range on a single charge and proprietary battery thermal management for optimal performance in harsh weather conditions.

Lion Electric is a North American leader in the zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry, having delivered over 450 all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in North America with over 8 million miles driven since 2016. Lion works directly with fleet operators every step of the way in their journey to electrification, including charging infrastructure design and installation, energy management, service and training, and grant opportunities. Lion Electric | The Bright Choice (thelionelectric.com)

Motiv Power Systems
Motiv Power Systems is a US-based sustainable technology company delivering industry-leading electric trucks and buses and charging infrastructure offerings. Our customer-driven solutions help fleets clearly define a pathway to electrification.

Peterbilt Motors Company
Booth 1801
The new Model 536 is purpose-built to get the job done in non-CDL applications up to 26,000 pounds. Ideal for pick-up and delivery applications, it’s easy-to-drive and efficient. The spacious interior provides drivers a comfortable, ergonomic work environment that includes customizable dash panels, deep cup holders, multiple power ports and best-in-class storage options for personal items. The 2.1 meter wide cab can also comfortably accommodate three people. Model 536 offers outstanding visibility through its lowered dash, sloped hood and large mirrors. The compact, under-cab battery box features best-in-class stair style steps to help drivers get in and out of the cab. When combined with the new PACCAR TX-8 automatic transmission, PACCAR PX-7 and PX-9 engines deliver an ideal blend of power, fuel economy and maximum uptime. Model 536 is built to stay productive day after day, year after year.

SEA Electric LLC
Booth 2947

SEA Hino M5 EV
The SEA Electric Hino M5 EV model is proving to be one of the company’s most popular combinations to-date. The package is designed around the SEA-Drive® 120a Power System, which is specified for truck platforms with a GVWR of 13,000–18,000 pounds (Class 3–5). Featuring a 1,106 pound-foot electric motor partnered with a 138 kWh battery pack, the M5 EV provides market-leading, all-electric performance and potential range. The Hino M5 platform is highly adaptable to a wide assortment of final uses, with all ancillary functions capable of being powered by the vehicle’s batteries.

One of the most exciting developments out of SEA Electric to-date has been the SV6 Step Van Class 6 platform, developed to be a gamechanger in the last-mile delivery space. The SV6 is powered by the SEA-Drive® 120b, which is specified for cab/chassis platforms with a GVWR of 19,500–26,000 pounds (Class 6), complete with a 2,575 pound-foot electric motor, providing ample performance for a step van. The 138 kWh vehicle battery pack delivers a class-leading unladen range of up to 200 miles and a typical break-even period of fewer than four years, without applicable grants and subsidies.

Booth 941
The Workhorse C-1000 is an all-electric commercial vehicle designed for last-mile delivery, featuring a best-in-class MPGe and 1,000 cubic feet of cargo space. Manufactured in Union City, Indiana, Workhorse’s Purpose-Built design offers modern safety features, low floor design, and is drone-capable for efficient and reliable UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) deliveries. With a modular battery system, the C-1000 provides between 70–105 kilowatt hours (kWh) of battery capacity when equipped with the standard four or six battery pack configuration and a range of 100 miles and 150 miles, respectively.

The C-1000 also includes a regenerative braking system, lessening the need for constant braking while providing a lower impact experience for drivers. It features operational insights through its integrated Metron technology, allowing fleet managers a real-time monitoring system to track the performance of all Workhorse vehicles in the fleet while collecting data needed to optimize route planning and monitor maintenance costs throughout the life of your vehicles. With its innovate design and experienced engineering, Workhorse is pioneering the transition to zero-emissions commercial vehicles.