WTS22 educational program recap


Tuesday, March 8

green truck summit

Keynote address
Liane Randolph, Chair, California Air Resource Board (CARB), delivered the 2022 Green Truck Summit keynote address. She discussed California’s commitment to transition to zero-emission trucks, and how policies and investments from the public and private sectors have contributed to progress.

How Truck Technology Advances Will Impact Industry Practices
Industry leaders shared a forward look at work truck technology, highlighting advanced technologies currently in development and future possibilities.
Presented by: Bill Combs, Vice President, Connected Vehicle Strategy & Experimentation, Penske Transportation Solutions; Michelle Moody, Marketing Director, Ford Commercial Solutions; Nick Rini, Director of Engineering, FCCC; and Rick Sapienza, Director, Clean Transportation Program, NC Clean Energy Technology Center

Meeting Program Sustainability Targets: Successes and Challenges of New Equipment Offerings
As support builds for improved sustainability, attendees learned the opportunities and obstacles to success. Fleet leaders and industry experts shared fleet management strategies to help achieve a more sustainable transportation profile.
Presented by: Todd Carlson, Principal Manager – Fleet Asset Management, Southern California EdisonBill Van Amburg, Executive Vice President, CALSTART; and Mark Wagner, Product Planning Manager, Kenworth Truck Company

Achieving Legacy Fleet Sustainability
Legacy fleet equipment is one of the most challenging elements of a sustainability evolution, which involves powerplants and sustainable fuels. Attendees learned strategies to help overcome obstacles, such as fluctuations in OEM offerings and support, to successfully transition your legacy fleet.
Presented by: Erin Gilchrist, Director, Fleet, Safelite; Joseph Moser II, Fleet Manager, Commonwealth Edison

Alt Fuels and Technology: Evolution Toward Zero Emissions
With the introduction of renewable diesel, CNG and propane, as well as reductions in exhaust emissions from conventional power offerings, fleet operators can take advantage of unprecedented potential for continuous improvement. Attendees discovered how these elements, along with batteries, fuel cells and fundamental truck designs, are driving industry change.
Presented by: Dave Howell, Deputy Director, Vehicle Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy; Michael McDonald, Sr., Director, Sustainability and Government Affairs, UPS; and Tucker Perkins, President and CEO, PERC

Powering Electric Drive: Batteries or Fuel Cells?
With increasing interest in electric drive medium- and heavy-duty trucks, the top sources for onboard energy are fuel cells and batteries. Attendees heard the pros and cons of each as industry leaders share their views on these alternatives.
Presented by: Tim Campbell, Managing Director, Campbells Consultancy; Elizabeth Fretheim, Head of Business Development, Nikola Motor Company; and Abas Goodarzi, President and CEO, US Hybrid 

How Hydrogen and Fuel Cells will Affect Work Trucks
Hydrogen and fuel cell development is underway, and the work truck industry will see multiple benefits from these technologies. Attendees gained an understanding of hydrogen, fuel cells, and resulting challenges and opportunities for the commercial vehicle market.
Presented by: Andreae, Morgan Andreae Executive Director – Technology & Product Planning at Cummins, Inc; Craig Knight, CEO at Hyzon Motors; Georg Rubin, Chief Commercial Officer at Loop Energy

Upfitting Electric Vehicles: Work Truck Industry Challenges and Opportunities
Conventional commercial vehicles are not plug-and-play — and electric vehicles (EVs) are no different. Attendees learned from leading organizations how EVs are impacting chassis, body, and equipment development in the work truck industry.
Presented by: George Bernwanger Jr., Chief Engineer at Adrian Steel Company, Ray Eyles, Chief Nameplate Engineer on Transit and E-Transit Platform at Ford Pro; Mike Moore, P.E., Principal Engineering Manager – Chassis at Altec Inc.; Alexander Voets, eMobility Product Marketing and Sales Strategy Manager at Daimler Truck North America; John Davis, Creator, Host and Executive Producer at MotorWeek (Moderator)

Global Influences on Green Vehicle Technology
Attendees heard a global perspective on future green technologies and potential effects on the U.S. market. Topics included startup chassis OEMs, forthcoming efficiency technologies, advanced fuels and powertrains, and emissions mandates.
Presented by: Tim Campbell, Managing Director at Campbells Consultancy

Green Truck Summit breakout sessions
Green Product Update: Hino Trucks
Hino Trucks shareed an update to Project Z, the Company’s development path to a comprehensive line-up of zero emissions vehicles and partnerships with technology leaders in electrification.
Presented by: Dominik Beckman, Director – Brand Experience, Hino Trucks

Green Product Update: The Shyft Group
Attendees heard why a focus on people is what will win the EV transition for last-mile delivery.
Presented by: Eric Fisher, Vice President and General Manager, Innovations, The Shyft Group

State of the Segment: Municipal
Attendees learned more about this key work truck industry segment and ways it’s driving toward zero-emissions.
Presented by: Bill Rogers, Administrator – Fleet Services Division, Department of Public Works, City of Indianapolis

State of the Segment: Utility
Attendees learned more about this key work truck industry segment and ways it’s driving toward zero-emissions.
Presented by: Roger Strike, Vehicle and Equipment Procurement Specialist, Fleet Services, ComEd

EV Grants & Programs
There are programs in all 50 states to help support the work truck industry’s transition to electric vehicles. Attendees learned how to leverage available grants and programs, and plan the steps required to maximize their application.
Presented by: Travis Buholtz, EV Specialist, Electrification Coalition

Green Product Update: Allison Transmission
Allison continues to deliver on its promise to provide the world’s most reliable and valued propulsion solutions with the introduction of its eGen™ family of electric hybrids (Allison eGen Flex™) and fully electric e-Axles (Allison eGen Power™). Regardless of your fleet’s position on the road to electrification, Allison has an EV solution to keep you moving forward.
Presenter by: Allison Transmission Representative

Green Product Update: Clean Fuels Alliance America
Time is of the essence as OEMs and fleets take a fresh look at low-carbon biodiesel and renewable diesel usage to help slow the progression of climate change and reduce emissions in their new and legacy diesel vehicles and equipment. Attendees learned how fleets nationwide are successfully using biodiesel blends from B20–B100 to substantially lower carbon emissions and immediately improve operational sustainability with a fuel that’s Better, Cleaner and Available Now!
Presented by: Clean Fuels Alliance America Representative

State of the Segment: Telecom
Attendees learned more about this key work truck industry segment and ways it’s driving toward zero-emissions.
Presented by: Jimmy Pang, Sr. Manager, Fleet Operations, Engineering & Development, Verizon

Green Product Update: Cenntro Automotive Corporation
Attendees heard the latest green product updates from Cenntro Automotive Corporation. 
Presented by: Cenntro Automotive Corporation Representative

Green Product Update: SEA Electric
SEA-Drive power-system technology is a leader in its field in terms of total cost of ownership, mass and performance. These three areas are key to volume uptake without the need for incentives. SEA Electric has optimized a power-system range through simplistic design and efficient upfit to enable this to be accomplished. Discover why and how we achieved this for our customer base.
Presented by: SEA Electric Representative

State of the Segment: Emergency Services
Attendees learnd more about this key work truck industry segment and ways it’s driving toward zero-emissions.
Presented by: Marc Ellison, Director/VP Sales, InterMotive Vehicle Controls

Yes, EVs (and EV Chargers) Need Maintenance, Too
Although EVs have a lower operating cost than gas or diesel vehicles, they still require maintenance. Learn the different levels of service support major truck OEMs are offering with their medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission trucks, emerging best practices, and a little-talked-about subject – EV charger maintenance.
Presented by: Mike Terreri, Electric Vehicle Product Manager, AssetWorks

Green Product Update: Fontaine Modification
Attendees learned how Fontaine Modification has enhanced and expanded its engineering and integration capabilities to support the rapid growth in Clean Fuels & Electrification for commercial vehicles.  As a leader in engineering and post-production modification, Fontaine works closely with OEMs and system partners to deploy a range of green solutions including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Battery Electric (BEV), Hybrid Electric (HEV), Fuel Cell Electric (FCEV).
Presented by: David Brosky, VP Sales & Business Development- Fontaine Modification, EV Solutions

Green Product Update: International Truck
Attendees heard an update on the first deployment of International Truck’s eMV™ Series, including challenges, successes, lessons learned, and how International is helping customers transition to zero-emission vehicles. The OEM’s NEXT eMobility solutions group is dedicated to making the transition to zero-emission vehicles smooth and successful. NEXT's 5Cs approach goes beyond the vehicle and consults with the customer on infrastructure, charging, grant funding, and vehicle end of life to maximize ROI on their EV investment.
Presented by: Kevin Holland, EV Sales, International Truck; and Jason Gies, Vice President eMobility, International Truck

State of the Segment: Delivery
Attendees learned about this key work truck industry segment and ways it’s driving toward zero-emissions.
Presented by: Alexis Reece, CAFM, Fleet Analyst IV, Ferguson Enterprises LLC

State of the Segment: Transportation
Attendees learned about this key work truck industry segment and ways it’s driving toward zero-emissions.
Presented by: Michael Braband, Fleet Administrator, Pace Suburban Bus

special SESSIONS

Develop Process Stability with Lean Fundamentals Workshop

This interactive learning experience, held off-site at a factory converted into a simulated work environment, introduced the concept of job instruction (JI). Focused on training employees to perform tasks correctly, safely and conscientiously, JI is designed to develop basic process stability. Participants walked through four-step JI training and discover how it integrates into an actual work environment. Other concepts covered included JI training matrix, fundamental job breakdown process, and lean fundamentals. Attendees will receive helpful materials and resources to assist with implementation.
Presented by: Steve Ansuini, Owner at Center for Employee Development; Jim Huntzinger, President/Founder at Lean Frontiers

Spec’ing for Success Workshop
Building effective specifications is essential to successful vocational truck acquisitions. This in-depth workshop on identified correct specification components for popular commercial vehicle applications. Following an overview of common components (terrain, axles, suspension, frame and weight distribution), presenters will covered how selections influence performance.
Presented by: Gary Hey, Co-founder at Z-factor Consultation; Cindi Vangel, Co-founder at Z-factor Consultation


How Lean Thinking Transcends to Smaller Businesses
Lean thinking is not just a concept that applies to large manufacturers or corporations. Business leaders who implement a lean approach must continuously strive to improve quality measures, minimize waste, and adjust processes to increase efficiency throughout an organization. These concepts can transcend into smaller business by implementing a number of practical strategies, such as putting customers first by really understanding their needs, enabling employees to work up to their full potential, and always looking across your organization for better ways to accomplish tasks. Attendees left with ideas and strategies they can take back and implement immediately.  
Presented by: Bill Waddell, President, Bill Waddell Consulting

How to Reduce Fleet Capital Costs through Right-Sizing and Right-Typing
Mercury Associates Inc. addressed responsibility versus authority in truck fleet asset allocation and utilization management. Learn how to develop right-sizing and right-typing plans as well as effective methods for booking the savings.  
Presented by: Marc Canton, Senior Consultant, Mercury Associates Inc.; and Tony Yankovich, Senior Manager, Mercury Associates Inc.

International Truck Update Session
International Truck presented the latest technical details (including chassis designs, specifications, and body installation/equipment mounting options) on its CV Series, MV Series, and HX and HV Series.
Presented by: International Truck Representatives

Mercedes-Benz USA Update Session
Mercedes-Benz covered important technical information on chassis, design and engine updates.
Presented by: Mercedes-Benz USA Representatives

Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles Update Session 
Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles covered important technical information related to chassis, design, body installation and equipment mounting options. OEM representatives will discuss the company’s plans for activity in the commercial vehicle space.
Presented by: Chevrolet Commercial Vehicles Representatives

Freightliner Trucks Update Session  
Freightliner discussed recently released and near-future options as well as forthcoming product integration changes.
Presented by: Freightliner Trucks Representatives

How and Why Regulations Affect Vehicle Choice
Attendees learned how to help your customers select the right vehicle, given their specific needs and requirements, to improve operational efficiencies. NTEA’s technical experts will address how chassis choice by class (GVWR) affects vehicle certification, weight analysis based on regulatory requirements (FMVSS and FMCSR), and vehicle capabilities.  
Presented by: Bob Raybuck, Director of Technical Services, NTEA; and Steve Spata, Technical Assistance Director, NTEA

Work Truck Industry Overview and End Use Market Forecasts
Attendees heard economic and market information to help optimize business planning processes. With expert analysis from NTEA and IHS Markit, attendees learned work truck industry market trends and how they’re affected by U.S. and global economic cycles. This session includes a North American chassis sales forecast — a critical component of market planning.
Presented by: Andrej Divis, Director, Automotive, Global Heavy Truck Research, IHS Markit; and Steve Latin-Kasper, Senior Director of Market Data and Research, NTEA

Wednesday, MARCH 9


Fleet Management 101 Workshop
Conducted by Mercury Associates Inc., the largest dedicated fleet management consulting firm in North America, this seminar offered an introduction to the important elements of an effective fleet management program. If you are new to fleet management or a business owner, agency director, procurement or finance official who serves as the de facto fleet manager in your organization, this workshop is for you. Topics included maintenance program design and shop operations management; outsourcing and supplier management; performance measurement and benchmarking; managing vehicle total cost of ownership; and fleet replacement.
Presented by: Marc Canton, Senior Consultant, Mercury Associates Inc.; and Tony Yankovich, Senior Manager, Mercury Associates Inc.

Generation Next Leadership Workshop & Networking Reception: AAAs of Successful Leaders
Explore qualities that make a good team – alignment, assignment, adjustment (AAAs). These principles gave Alex Molden success while playing in National Football League. When team members understand expectations, create relationships and separate facts from feelings, a great work culture can flourish. This workshop featured activities to help participants identify where and why they may be apprehensive to change. Attendees gained adaptation techniques to immediately implement to build a more cohesive unit and increase productivity. If you’re part of a team that’s struggling with performance, insecurity or accountability, this session is for you.  
Presented by: Alex Molden, Leadership and Personal Development Coach, Molden Enterprises LLC


How the Used Truck Market Responds to Constraints
The work truck industry has been hit with unprecedented supply challenges in the past two years. Reduced availability of new chassis due to OEM-level component shortages has pushed fleets to scour the used truck market for replacement vehicles. This session provided an overview of challenges and opportunities in the used truck market as well as what to expect as new vehicle production returns to normal.
Presented by: Charles Bowles, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Trader Interactive

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Update Session 
Isuzu’s executive team provided product line and market updates.
Presented by: Shaun Skinner, President, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America & Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada; and Ed Crawford, Executive Director, Sales Operations; Tim Ellsworth, Manager, Product Planning; and Brian Tabel, Executive Director, Marketing, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America

Managing Up: How to Make Your Voice Heard by Leadership
What happens if your ideas are not heard and respected by your boss the way you’d hope they would be? From the other side, if you’re the boss, how can you create a pipeline of great ideas coming from the people who report to you? Managing up benefits both the employee and the boss! Attended gained insight on how to speak your boss’s language, find your assertiveness, constructively disagree and collaborate with your boss, manage your team successfully even without support from leadership, and communicate the one word that will capture your boss’s attention immediately.
Presented by: Doug Cartland, President, Doug Cartland Inc.

Peterbilt Motors Company Update Session
Attendees got a firsthand overview of Peterbilt’s all-new work truck lineup, including product features and updates. Peterbilt shared the latest information regarding chassis specifications, design, body installation and equipment mounting options. Attendees also gained insight into specific options to efficiently mount bodies and equipment on Peterbilt chassis.
Presented by: Phil Hall, Medium Duty Market Segment Manager; and Mitesh Naik, Director of Medium Duty Sales, Peterbilt Motors Company; Seth Godi, Sales Engineer at Peterbilt Motors Company; Simon Nguyen; Sales Engineer at Peterbilt Motors Company; Patrick Wallace, Power Train Marketing Manager at Peterbilt Motors Company

Ram Commercial Update Session
Ram Commercial covered important technical information related to chassis, design, body installation and equipment mounting options. OEM representatives discussed the company's plans for activity in the commercial vehicle space.
Presented by: Noel Baldwin, Brand Manager Chassis Cab; Joseph Langhauser, Product Planning Specialist Commercial Van; Dave Sowers, Head of Ram Commercial Marketing; and Brock Wienczewski, Program Manager Ram Commercial Vehicle Team, Ram Commercial

Specification Planning – Understanding the Process While Bridging Stakeholder Gaps
Vocational vehicles continue to evolve in complexity and expenditures. Close the gap between fleet and finance departments by understanding the spec’ing process from a specification and life cycle perspective. Participants learned proper specification procedures and understand true cost of ownership while optimizing acquisition strategies.
Presented by: Gary Hey, in association with Cindi Vangel, Z-factor Consultation Co-founders; and Chris Lyon, Director of Fleet Relations, NTEA

Western Star Trucks Update Session
Western Star provided insights into key features of the new Western Star X-Series trucks, designed from the ground up to meet unique needs of vocational customers and truck equipment manufacturers. Participants learned about tools and other resources to make working with Western Star X-Series trucks as easy as possible for the work truck industry.
Presented by: Western Star Trucks Representatives

Beyond Vehicle Traction: System Electrification and Energy Management
Electric drive products continue to dominate the news. The trend of fully electrified commercial vehicles is accelerating and rapidly gaining acceptance as a desired outcome. In reality, the path forward is likely much more complex than for passenger cars given commercial vehicle mission requirements. Attendees gained insight into vehicle electrification trends and likely impacts on fleet purchasing and vehicle deployment given the uniqueness of fleet operations and long vehicle life cycles.
Presented by: Dave Schaller, Industry Engagement Director, NACFE; Jason Gies, Vice President eMobility at International Truck; David Peterson, Head of Fleet Partnerships at ChargePoint, Inc.

Can Your Commercial Sales Department Deliver During Challenging Times?
Despite the pandemic, microchip and vehicle shortages, and rising prices, commercial and fleet sales teams have the chance to deliver record results. This session covers proven strategies to maximize service and parts opportunities, and grow your customer base. Solutions are simple to initiate and can deliver dramatic results.
Presented by: Ken Taylor, President, Ken Taylor and Associates Inc. 

Competing for Quality: Staff Recruitment & Compensation Strategies
It’s all about reaching and influencing the candidates — wherever they are, and whatever they view, read, hear or see. To be successful in today’s marketplace, we must adapt key talent management strategies to changing workforce demographics. Participants will review effective recruiting strategies across generations, the new recruiting framework in today’s economy, 11 tactics to revamp your recruiting message, and how compensation impacts recruitment and onboarding processes. Learn considerations when designing a pay structure, key retention and motivation drivers, and why plans fail.
Presented by: Ed Krow, Talent Transformation Expert, Ed Krow LLC

Ford Commercial Vehicles Update Session
The Ford Pro Team covered important technical information related to chassis, design, body installation and equipment mounting options. OEM representatives discussed the latest vehicles, products and always-on services designed to help customers unlock the power of a connected fleet.
Presented by: Ford Commercial Vehicles Representatives

Hino Trucks Update Session
Hino Trucks covered important technical information related to chassis, design, body installation and equipment mounting options. OEM representatives discussed the company’s plans for activity in the commercial vehicle space.
Presented by: Dominik Beckman, Director – Marketing, Dealer Operations & Connected Vehicles; and Jeff Minnis, Sr. Manager Product Planning, Hino Trucks

How to Stay 2 Steps Ahead of the Competition with Disruptive Innovation
Innovation can make or break a business. It’s imperative to learn to think in different ways and embrace new ideas. The status quo will never differentiate us — we make our mark by doing what others don’t. This practical and energetic presentation shared:

  • The most important key to letting creativity loose in your organization
  • Two ways to draw ideas out of your team
  • Three levers that spawn innovation and creativity
  • 12 habits to make your meetings creative and meaningful
  • How day-to-day habits can foster or squash innovation

Presented by: Doug Cartland, President, Doug Cartland Inc.

Kenworth Truck Company Update Session 
Kenworth Truck Company presented an educational session on the all-new product lines for Medium Duty and Zero Emission. Vocational-specific options were also covered to help optimize designs for body and equipment installation.
Presented by: Kenworth Truck Company Representatives

Thursday, MARCH 10


Indiana LTAP Fleet Educational Program Session: Transportation Innovation and Technology Transfer
Part 1: Innovation in Transportation — Building Better Mousetraps
Every transportation agency has someone with the can-do spirit. No problem is unsolvable, and they never say the word impossible. This is how we get things done, and keep roads and bridges safe for everyone. It’s inspiring to see how these doers solve difficult issues, and it’s time to recognize their achievements. In this session, discover programs at federal, state and local levels that celebrate these innovative solutions and share them with other agencies facing the same challenges. Innovations range from tool and equipment modifications to implementation of new processes that increase safety, reduce cost, and improve transportation system efficiency.

Part 2: What Fuels Public Works — The Innovators in Alternative Fuels
The need to provide goods and services at a reduced cost is a challenge shared by public and private fleets. The cost of fuel, fleet dependability, and demand for services drive our fleet managers to find ways to meet needs within tight budgets. Alternative fuels can help meet this challenge. Attendees heard from municipal managers who have taken bold steps toward cleaner, safer and more dependable fuels for their fleet and community.
Presented by: Richard Domonkos, Program Manager at Indiana LTAP; Jennifer Sharkey, Lead Research Engineer at Indiana LTAP

Purdue Road School: Indiana Statutes and Rules for Professional Engineering Licensure Session
This session covered Indiana Code vs. Indiana Administrative Code, selected statutes and rules applied to the practice of engineering, registration by comity, registrant’s seal, computer-based testing for FE and PE exams, rules for continuing education, audits, board structure, and threats to professional licensure.
Presented by: Steve Gillman, Vice-Chair at Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers; Opal Kuhl, Chairperson at Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers

Creating a Roadmap to Increase Truck Dealer Commercial Vehicle Sales Session
With current marketplace challenges, it’s easy to sit back and wait for economic improvement before taking action to increase sales. However, there is no better time than now to employ innovative business improvement strategies and overcome obstacles to gain new customers. This session provided a blueprint for success to help your commercial vehicle business grow and prosper.
Presented by: Ken Taylor, President at Ken Taylor & Associates Inc.

Purdue Road School: Professionalism and Ethics in the Practice of Engineering Session
This session reviewed the new American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Code of Ethics, National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Code of Ethics, rules of professional conduct in Indiana statutes and rules, reporting violations, the basis for making ethical decisions, NSPE Ethics Reference Guide, and NSPE Board of Ethical Review.
Presented by: Vincent Drnevich, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at Purdue University; David Kish, Director at Purdue University


Considerations for Driver Assistance Technology and Second-Stage Vehicles
The application of driver assistance technology has grown in leaps and bounds the last few years. As more fleets demand safer vehicles, upfitters and manufacturers are pressed to pair these technologies with installed equipment. Gain an overview of these systems and functions, current test methodologies, and guidance for upfitting vehicles with advanced driver assistance technologies.
Presented by: Representatives from MGA Research Corporation; Ram Commercial; and SEMA

Design a Fleet Playbook for Success
Attendees heard from two veteran fleet professionals how to design an effective playbook for success in today’s fast-paced environment. They discussed the importance of interconnectivity, critical metrics for continuous improvement, and how cultural dynamics play a key role in accomplishing fleet pillars of success.
Presented by: Steve Saltzgiver, Director of Strategic Innovation, RTA Fleet; and Josh Turley, CEO, RTA Fleet

Freightliner Custom Chassis Update Session
Freightliner Custom Chassis shared details on MT50e, safety systems and OptiView, as well as a general product update.
Presented by: Freightliner Custom Chassis Representatives

Global Work Truck Market Trends and Impacts
Attendees gained a unique perspective on developing trends in the global commercial vehicle market, including regulations, technological advancements, and other factors that may impact the North American work truck industry.
Presented by: Tim Campbell, Managing Director, Campbells Consultancy

Mack Trucks Update Session
Mack Trucks shared updates on its Granite series and medium-duty lineup.
Presented by: Mack Trucks Representatives